Periodically, This Week in the Civil War will feature journal excerpts from select Civil War journals. Today’s entry is from 1st Minnesota Color Sergeant Samuel Bloomer.

The grave of Color Sgt Sam Bloomer, 1st Minnesota Infantry, at Fairview Cemetery in Stillwater, Minn.

April 29, 1861  The new Co. left Stillwater by wagons for Fort Snelling. Mustered in for 3 months. Organized as follows: C.A. Bromley Capt, Mark W. Downie 1st Lieut, M.T. Thomas 2nd Lieut, Louis Muller 1st Sergt, Thos Sinclair 2nd Sergt, Wm M. May 3rd Sergt, A.A. Capron 4th Sergt, Zebulan Binns 5th Sergt, Chas M. Lockwood 1st Corp, Wm S. Puison 2nd Corp, A.L. Reichard 3d Corp, David Lord 4th Corp, George A. Oliver 5th Corp, Ralph W. Smith 6th Corp, H.C. Van Vorhes 7th Corp, Samuel Bloomer 8th Corp, Andrew Connelly and F Stirneman Musicians.

Co. quartered in a building outside the walls formerly used as a stable for horses which the Co. cleaned & fitted up. Meals furnished by contract. Drill and guard duty.

May 3, 1861  Call for enlistment for 3 years or during the war with option to return home. Nearly all reenlisted.