By Leigh Kelley
Times-News Staff Writer

Shots from Confederate Civil War “soldiers” rang out on Main Street Saturday as members of several area Civil War re-enactment groups celebrated Confederate Memorial Day with a ceremony in front of the Historic Henderson County Courthouse.

Dressed in period costumes, the men fired three volleys in honor of May 10 being Confederate Memorial Day.

Civil War re-enactors, representing the MacBeth Light Artillery and the 22nd and 25th North Carolina infantries, fire their weapons in honor of Confederate Memorial Day in front of the Henderson County Historic Courthouse on Saturday. Photo by Mike Dirks/Times-News

The event was being held Saturday instead of on the actual day since employers don’t recognize it as being a holiday, said Warren Scott, a member of the MacBeth Light Artillery unit.

“It’s a legal holiday in North Carolina,” he said. “It is even more significant this year, since this year marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.”

As part of the short ceremony, the soldiers raised the 1861 North Carolina flag, the first national flag and the Confederate flag.

The unit that Scott belongs to was actually a South Carolina group that was stationed in Asheville during the Civil War, he said.

“If you go into Asheville where the Battery Park Hotel is, when they built that hotel, they plowed down a hill named Stoney Hill, which was where one of the batteries for the artillery unit was at,” Scott said. “Asheville had an armaments factory during the Civil War.”

Even though the Confederacy was on the losing side of the Civil War, the soldiers deserve to be remembered, he added.

“The men who fought for the South are respectable and honorable men, and they should be recognized as such,” Scott said.